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Welcome to FPC Summer Day Camp!

The primary focus of the Summer day camp at First Presbyterian Church is to enhance the lives of your children while providing you with a child care option for the summer. We offer a variety of activities, field trips, and other enjoyable experiences for your children. Our camp accommodates kids ranging from 18 months to rising 5th grade. Our current term is June 3rd - August 16, 2024.

Our Summer, Our Story

Our Services

At our day camp, we provide a summer experience for campers ranging from the age of 18 months to rising 5th grade. We understand the importance of age-appropriate activities and social interactions, which is why we have added some specialized options to ensure a tailored experience for each child.

Additionally, we offer various time slots to accommodate the schedules of every parent. Whether you need a full time or part time option, we strive to provide flexible choices that meet your needs.


Reading Explorers Specialized Tutoring for Early Elementary-age

Come with us as we work together to combat the summer slide! New this year, we are unveiling a reading tutoring pilot program. Reading Explorers. Our specialized tutoring service is tailored for Pre-K to 2nd grade reading levels. Tutoring sessions will be rooted in the science of reading and will encourage phonemic awareness and decoding skills to help campers become more confident and proficient readers. The price of this service is already integrated into summer camp tuition.


Specialized Tutoring for Older Elementary-age

We will be helping to partner interested families with local tutors to assist our older elementary campers. Tutors can meet with campers during camp hours here at our FPC facility. Families will work directly with tutors to determine pricing and curriculum.


Summer Soaring

Our Summer Soaring curriculum has been tailor made for our camp! Stem, art, literacy, devotions, moving our bodies during game time and so much more work together to Insure NO Bored kids! They will have so much fun, they don't even realize how much they are learning.

The Fees and Options

Our goal is to create a positive and engaging environment where children can learn, grow, and have fun while making new friends. With age-specific activities and a convenient schedule, we aim to make your child's camp experience enjoyable and convenient for both you and your child.

Join us at our day camp, where we cater to different age groups and provide flexible time slots to make summer a memorable and convenient experience for everyone involved!

About Us

First Presbyterian Church, Conway

First Presbyterian Church(FPC)

First Presbyterian Church of Conway, Arkansas was founded in 1892 and is part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)

We joyfully seek to follow Jesus and extend God's loving community to all people. Visitors are always welcome. We invite you to join us for worship, Sunday School classes, and fellowship activities.

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday from 9:00-10:00

Nursery Hours are from 9:00-12:00

Worship services are Sundays at 10:30 AM CT

We offer a children's church and a Youth Program along with our Vacation Bible School.

Our Mission

Providing a safe and fun summer day camp experience in a diverse and educational environment.

Our Philosophy

All children deserve to have a fun summer and learn, grow and play in a diverse, loving and educational environment.

Our Promise

To love all of our campers and meet them where they are socially, academically, and spiritually.

Our Guarantee

Your camper won't be sitting in front of a screen all summer!

Whats new with FPC Summer Day Camp?

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Farm Week Fun: Exploring the Wonders of Nature at Our Summer Camp!

June 24, 20232 min read

Welcome to another exciting update from our summer camp! It's Farm Week, and we've been having a blast diving into the world of agriculture and discovering where our food comes from. From garden adventures to dissections and even the arrival of baby chicks, there's never a dull moment here!


Garden Discoveries: One of the highlights of Farm Week has been spending quality time in the garden with our knowledgeable guide, Ms. Jan. Our campers have been eager to learn about the origins of the food we eat every day. They were thrilled to pick and taste some fresh produce straight from the garden, experiencing the joy of harvesting their own food. The sense of connection to nature and the understanding of the farm-to-table process have been invaluable lessons.


Sensory Delights for Prek: Our Prek group has been indulging in sensory exploration with special garden sensory boxes. These boxes are filled with a variety of materials and treasures, allowing the little ones to engage their senses and develop their curiosity about the natural world. They've been getting their hands dirty, feeling the textures, and discovering the wonders hidden within the boxes. It's a delightful way to stimulate their senses and spark their imagination.

Epic Games and Water Balloon Devotions: We firmly believe that a day at camp should be filled with both fun and learning. That's why we made sure to incorporate exciting activities into Farm Week. An epic game of hide and seek in the great outdoors brought laughter and joy to our campers as they explored the natural surroundings. And of course, what better way to beat the summer heat than with water balloon devotions? Our campers had a splashing good time while also learning about the properties of water and the importance of staying hydrated.

Dissecting Eggs and Baby Chicks: Yesterday, we embarked on an egg-citing adventure as we dissected eggs. The campers were fascinated by the intricate structures inside the eggs and the opportunity to observe and learn about the life cycle of a bird. The experience was hands-on, educational, and filled with awe and wonder.

But the excitement doesn't end there! We are thrilled to announce that our summer camp is now home to a batch of baby chicks eagerly pecking their way out of their eggs. It's a special moment for our campers to witness new life coming into the world, fostering their appreciation for the miracles of nature.


As Farm Week unfolds, we continue to cram a lot of fun and learning into each day at our summer camp. From garden adventures and sensory exploration to thrilling games and fascinating discoveries, our campers are truly immersed in the wonders of nature. Stay tuned for more updates and magical moments as we nurture their curiosity, foster a love for the outdoors, and provide an unforgettable summer camp experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We are going on vacation. Can my child miss a week of camp?

Yes! Your child's spot will be reserved for the entire summer. Unfortunately, this does not change tuition. If you know in advance you will be gone, please let us know so we can adjust staffing needs.


We like to sleep in some in the summer, can we drop off late?

Of course. Our morning meeting starts at 8:30, and then doors are locked for safety. All staff attends morning meeting, so you will need to call in order to be let in.


Do you serve lunch?

We do not provide lunch. Please pack you camper a nutritious lunch. We do not refrigerate or heat any lunches. Please pack your campers lunch in a lunch box with ice packs and make sure to send a refillable water bottle. We do provide a morning and afternoon snack!


Why can't my preschooler go on the field trips?

We don't have a safe way to transport children who still need to be in car seats, even just booster seats. We will be having many guest speakers and fun activities at camp for our younger campers.

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We would love to hear from you. We are often having fun with our campers, so please be patient as we get back to you.

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